Interested in becoming a patient?

Have your current physician fax over a referral for interventional pain management along with your insurance information, office notes and any MRI/CT-Scan or X-ray reports you may have. Your medical records will be reviewed by Dr. Thimineur and our office will contact you with an appointment. Our new patient intake coordinator can be reached directly by calling (203)732-1587. Referrals should be faxed to (203)734-4776 or (203)732-1576.




Interested in scheduling a procedure?

You do not have to have a pain consultation prior to scheduling a procedure with us. Have your orthopedic or neurosurgeon refer you directly for an interventional pain procedure that can be scheduled within 5-7 business days or sooner! Your procedures are pre-certified and health benefit is explained by our office prior to being scheduled. Our procedure coordinator can be reached directly by calling (203)732-1575.